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dee-greg-smalla2Dee was Managing Broker/Owner of Sierra County Realty for over 20 years. Dee started working for Network in 1992 after a successful real estate career at Frank Howard Allen Real Estate in Mill Valley. In 1994 Dee started Sierra County Realty in the little burg of Downieville. Greg joined the business in 2000 and together they became the Real Estate experts in Sierra County.

In 2003 Dee and Greg purchased a Folk Victorian Heritage Home in downtown Grass Valley which they renovated, were awarded a Historic Home plaque by the Historical Society, and spent some of the winter in town. It turned out that the person who built the house in 1881 was from the same small town in Cornwall from which Dee’s grandfather had immigrated.

Dee and Greg enjoy being involved in  community organizations. Dee has been the President of the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce and was 1_1aCo-Chairperson of the 2002 Sierra County Sesqusentenial celebration. Greg has been President of the Downieville Lions Club, Foreman of the Sierra County Grand Jury, and Chairperson of  the Sierra County Fire Safe Council. Today, Dee and Greg are on the  Music in the Mountains Alliance Council, and Greg is President-elect of  the Nevada County Association of Realtors.

Dee Bulanti is a third generation Grass Valley native. Her Mother and Grandmother were born in Grass Valley. Dee was born just a couple of blocks away from her present residence and spent her early years on Empire Street. Her grandfather was a foreman in the Empire Mine. Dee’s family moved to Berkeley after the mines closed. Dee grew up in Berkeley, CA. She graduated from Armstrong University and continued her education at UC Berkeley. Prior to her career in Real Estate, she worked in Administration at UCSF and UC Berkeley.

Greg grew up in San Mateo, CA. His father, an Architect and General Contractor, used to take him fishing during the summer on the Yuba River near the town of Washington. He spent many years in  University Administration at SFSU and UC Berkeley and has degrees in  Liberal Arts and Anthropology.

In 1992, Dee was quoted in the Union; “I am a service oriented Realtor. I recognize the high quality service opportunities for both my clients and myself at Network Real Estate.” This is still true today. Call Dee or Greg for expert representation in Real Estate transactions.  They would love to provide you with the same Old Fashioned Service they have been providing for their clients for the past 24 years.

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